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Environmental Policy

The Grand Hotel Aminta Management has decided to adopt a specific and dynamic Environmental Policy to show how the commitment to protecting and safeguarding the environment and the safety and health of its employees is a constant objective and a a determining factor in your company's "mission".
It provides for a periodic review of this policy in relation to its activity and its performance, giving the market visibility of its mode of operation and of its constant commitment to meeting the established requirements, involving, also through training, all those who work for the hotel.
It is therefore committed to pursuing the continuous improvement of its environmental performance, minimizing, wherever technically possible and economically viable, any negative impact of environmental activities.
Will you achieve the above goals by acting in such a way that:
✓ ensure that their activities are carried out in accordance with the applicable legal provisions;
✓ Implement and maintain an effective Environmental Management System in accordance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015;
✓ implement every effort in organizational, operational and technological ways to prevent any form of environmental impact and to safeguard the wildlife and flora environment;
✓ minimize the consumption of energy and water and waste generation, favoring its recovery and, where possible, differentiated collection;
✓ define environmental objectives and targets to be complemented with the hotel's operational management and business development programs;
✓ ensure that the environmental policy outlined here and the related management system are understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization and that the system is supported by periodic and systematic verification, training and training activities;
✓ Make sure this document is available to the public.
Specific objectives will be defined annually by the Management and appropriately communicated.

Company policy

The Grand Hotel Aminta Management is absolutely aware that a responsible economic strategy aimed at pursuing the effectiveness of its services, respecting safety and the environment, is essential to its success.
It recognizes that only a continuous improvement leads to significant commercial and economic benefits while satisfying the expectations of its Customers at the same time.
To this end, the Organization undertakes to provide services in accordance with the needs of the bearers of reference interest, to an ever increasing quality, constantly seeking to improve its activities.
The Customer is thus a central player in success: it is the importance of knowing it thoroughly, providing services that meet his demands, listening to the explicit and implicit, implicit, to achieve an ever higher level of satisfaction.
The main and general objectives that hotel management, with this policy, want to ask is essentially:
✓ the effective participation of internal staff in achieving and improving the purpose of the Quality Management System, which this document represents as a policy and continuous improvement of the Organization's performance, also in terms of image and reputation on the hotel market;
✓ Satisfaction with all stakeholders, including compliance with all contractual commitments and careful communication care;
✓ the respect, in an even better way, of the requirements imposed by the legislation in force, especially in the field of occupational safety, information security and the protection of the environment;
✓ the ability to make strategic decisions based on objective information and data;
✓ Collaboration with professionals and consultants that compete with the achievement of increasingly high quality standards of the Organization.
The achievement of these goals increases the effectiveness of the services provided and makes the Customer's satisfaction with the differing factor in an increasingly competitive international market.
The SGQ is subject to continuous and systematic reviews and improvements and the Company is committed to maintaining its system certification in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.
Specific objectives will be defined annually by the Management and appropriately communicated.

Social Responsibility Policy

The Management of the Grand Hotel Aminta, consistent with the principles expressed in the Charter of Values ​​and with what is stated in the Company's and Environmental Policies, believes that its business operation can be sustainable and compatible with the environment that hosts it, which can create as well as for its employees directly involved, also for the productive activities and inhabitants of the area where it operates and which can be geared towards a continuous improvement of services and performance, in the right balance between social, environmental and economic responsibility.
In this respect, and with the necessary involvement of workers and all other stakeholders, the Company intends to pursue compliance with Social Responsibility requirements that go beyond simply complying with mandatory legal requirements.
It undertakes to:
✓ Provide workplaces whose safety and health care goes beyond the minimum requirements laid down by law;
✓ encourage freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining;
✓ Ensure equal opportunities and the freedom to follow their own principles;
✓ to ensure working hours, extraordinary payments and adequate remuneration, subject to indifference to the provisions of the specific national employment contract;
✓ specifically delegate a person who is responsible for ensuring that his / her employees "listen" to any situation that may affect the employment relationship;
✓ monitor the territory and consequently create opportunities for growth both for businesses and for residents, also by purchasing local products and using local services and labor;
✓ sponsor local events and events with contributions, associative quotas and / or services.
Specific objectives can be defined annually by the Management and properly communicated.

Health and Safety at Work Policy

The Grand Hotel Aminta Management believes that the main goal to be pursued is to allow its employees to work serenely in a safe and healthy working environment by identifying the risks and dangers and defining, as a result, the possible actions to be taken to increase safety levels in their workplaces.
The Organization is therefore consistently committed to:
✓ consider aspects of Health and Safety as essential contents in the definition of new activities or in revision of existing ones;
✓ Involve and consult employees on issues related to Occupational Safety, including through the collaboration of the Health and Safety Representative;
✓ carry out activities with the indisputable obligation to comply with existing laws, regulations and regulations relating to the sector and any other requirements prescribed by the Company, in particular those relating to health and safety at work;
✓ maintain a transparent and collaborative relationship with the public authorities and / or the supervisory bodies;
✓ work for the continuous involvement of staff and skills development by organizing training and information sessions, pursuing growth, awareness and sense of responsibility for the safe work of all employees;
✓ privileged suppliers acting in the context of continuous improvement of the security of the products and services provided;
✓ Preventing injuries and injuries to workers' health, including those of third-party companies working on their infrastructure, engaging in continuous improvement in safety and health at workplaces;
✓ Periodically review the Policy, Goals, Goals, and related implementation programs as well as the underlying Management System to give it adequate visibility within the Company;
✓ Involve the entire business structure, each according to its own attributes and competences, in achieving the assigned goals, including those on Health and Safety.
The Corporate Management also undertakes to disseminate this policy and its objectives through the exposure and distribution of this document and the relevant documentation of the Integrated Management System.
Specific objectives can be defined annually by the Management and properly communicated.


Tourism is an important source of income for countries, areas and locations that brings undoubted benefits such as economic development , cultural exchange and international promotion of a particular place , among others. Tourism is increasingly accessible for all and increasing number of people have the opportunity to visit more places . However, in the same proportion that has increased tourism also grown undesirable phenomena such as commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents. The tourist infrastructure , which serves to facilitate the accommodation of travelers and help you enjoy a great holiday , can also be, not consciously, a space to promote and perform sexual activities with minors . In this sense , the tourism industry has a great social responsibility to avoid becoming an instrument extremely harmful to the community arising from its workforce and is the social basis for the development of the industry criminal activity. Our Hotel rejects this type of tourism and we:
1. Maintains a policy of opposition to the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents. 2. Do not allow any commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in our facilities. 3 . Sensitize staff about the problem ; laws and risk. 4.train all staff to denounce and identify suspicious activity. 5. work in compliance with applicable laws and works with government and non-governmental organizations pursuing these crimes and prevention work .
Procedure: If you are suspicious , you should seek immediate superior, and provide detailed information heard or seen.
The superior will then decide the next steps , which may be :
a) inform their superior b ) inform the authorities .
As humans, we are committed to protecting our children , and adolescents from all forms of exploitation either professionally and in person

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